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The staff is respectful and engaging with the students. The classroom is organized and our child comes home learning something new that she is excited about on a daily basis.  We are very happy with out daughter’s pre-school experience! She has formed a positive connection with her teacher and her peers, and is learning new things every time to attends school. We can’t say enough positive things about your program. Thank you!

Jessica and Brian B.

The staff is your most important asset. They always seem to truly love their job and where they work. Lucas loves Mrs. Summers. I really like the progress binders for the children.

Joshua F.

The communication is excellent and the teachers and staff are extremely caring and excellent.

Carly G.

I think that the staff is wonderful, patient and kind with the children. I have been extremely happy with the education my child (& his brothers) has received there. I feel that it was a very positive experience for them too.

Lisa O.

Sunshine was great for my first child, and it came recommended to me from a good friend. Now my second child is there, and I feel I have gotten to know the staff well and trust them completely … which is why we are still there.

Jen S.

I appreciate the warm welcome that my child receives when she comes to school each day. It is the small things like this that help a parent to feel comfortable, and makes the child feel comfortable and happy to be there.  The most positive aspect of the school is the staff. It is a great group of people who truly love what they do and appreciate each child’s strengths, as well as weaknesses. They exhibit patience, guidance and nurture these children. It is exactly what a preschool experience should be.

Jen and Mike S.

The cozy and warm feeling you get coming into school. Very personable and nurturing people. All teachers are well trained professionals and truly enjoy their jobs. That is a wonderful feeling to have when dropping off your child.

During program observations, or child had an opportunity to socialize with a class and participate in a class activity. Other programs observed did not provide the same opportunity. The director was informative and helpful. We found Sunshine to be the best fit because of these reasons.

Jessica and Brian B.